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Polo School

Estancia El Venado Polo School has hosted polo players for over 30 years and remains a firm favourite with many guests returning for over 10 years in a row. The vast facilities available provide a complete experience that is sure to delight any polo enthusiast. We have two regulation size polo fields with superb bermuda grass which provides the perfect ground to play. There is much more than just playing chukkas at El Venado Polo program, from watching the foals being handled in the breeding program to the youngsters stick and balling for the first time or playing their first chukkas, there is a lot to learn!

The all weather arena, along with the wooden horse & cage, allows guests to make full use of their stay despite rainy days. With over 200 horses, riders are provided with ponies to individually match and improve their level of riding and polo skills. The number of guests are kept small, maximising individual instruction.

horse and polo pony ranch

Horse & Polo Pony Ranch

El Venado Ranch comprises approximately 2,500 acres of fertile land in the Argentine Pampa. The temperate climate favors natural, free range breeding of both polo ponies and cattle.

About a quarter of the 200 horses at El Venado are broodmares that produce a total of 30 foal per year. These young colts then pass through a a stringent selection process that emphasizes the physical composition as well as locomotion virtues and abilities. All have pure bred racing horses in their lineage.

Only 20 of these newly borns are tamed and trained during a program that includes 1 year of taming and 2 years of polo training. Only after these 3 years are the first horses offered for sale. Nevertheless, the training process continues with special emphasis on managing and perfecting the horseĀ“s movements.


Estancia El Venado

Located 165 km from Buenos Aires, it comprises 2500 acres on prime grassland in the fertile Argentine pampas. Rich in history and tradition, it was built in 1878.

For four generations, it has been and continues to be a family-owned and operated ranch. English speaking family members live on the ranch and often accompany guests on non-polo activities.

El Venado is a working ranch home to more than 1000 head of cattle, crops, and an active polo breeding and selling operation.

Guests often decide to participate in farm operations such as cattle driving. The two-house hacienda has modern conveniences that provide a level comfort difficult to match in the rural Argentine pampas.

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The Polo Ponies & Horses

The Polo Ponies & Horses

Argentina is by far the number in both quality and quantity of polo ponies. And there's no better place than the Pampa to find them. El Venado offers a large variety of horses suitable for different levels of play. They have been carefully selected and trained. The ponies have ideal physical compositions, are fully tamed, easy to manage, well-trained for easy managing and of excellent health.

We invite you to ride and play our selection of polo ponies. Please contact us for more information: POLOBREED

Horse Riding, Taming and Training

Horse Riding, Taming and Training

Taming is a three year process that starts when the colt is 2 years old, fundamentally working with long reins. The following year the pony spends most of its time training with linear excercises. The horse then participates in practice games in a low-pressure competitive environment until eventually it is exposed to professional level competition.

Newly born to 2 years Visual and physical selection
2 to 3 year of age ............Taming
3 to 4 years of age........... Field training with linear excercises
4 to 5 years of age........... Exposure to increasing levels of field competition
5 years of age..................Continued perfecting while horse is offered for sale

The end result of the breeding training program at El Venado is a polo pony with salient characteristics: strength, resistance, controlled speed, a soft mouth for easy managing, and a soft and even gallop for easy riding.

El Venado has bred and sold over 200 polo ponies over the past 15 years, many of which to high goal players. Polo ponies from El Venado's breeding operation have played in the Argentine Open, the US Open among other international polo tournaments.